Around the deck

Stanchions, fixed or drop in type
We carry a range of patterns in varying heights
for both fixed and drop-in type stanchions.
The bases can be supplied round, square and
rectangular and can be designed with a fixing
through a toe rail or bulwark to give extra

Chain plates
A range from 4" to 12" are available in a
variety of patterns from stock.

Hook bolts and deck eye bolts

Sheet leads

Screw down and u-bolt lignum vitae
sheet leads as well as the complete
range of Davey's bronze deck
and through coaming sheet leads.

Most of the items shown can be
supplied in either gunmetal or
aluminium bronze. We also fabricate
fittings in phosphorous bronze and
mild steel galvanized.


Give me a call on +44 (0)7968 041 322 or email, to discuss requirements.

Photography: Peter Smith Photography