Colin Frake
Caring about
traditional quality

We have been involved with traditional sailing craft for a number of years: in supply, as a traditional boat sailer and in restoration work, We know how difficult it can be to find just the right fittings.

Originally we began by just manufacturing wooden blocks and, having had considerable success in reproducing a style of block that had long since disappeared from the chandler’s shelf, decided to apply the same effort into other fittings.

Although galvanised mild steel has replaced wrought-iron, nothing need be lost in order to achieve that original appearance. It is possible today, using modern materials and techniques, to still recapture the traditional look. We can supply anything from a keelbolt to a throatcrane and almost every piece of metal work in between!

Colin Frake, Blockmaker

We hope this website will be of some help to you as it covers the most regularly requested items but we are receiving more and more orders to produce that special one-off fitting. So even if you don't see what you want on this website, please contact us to discuss your requirements before settling for second best.

Colin Frake